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New Customizable features
Integrated into the system
 Digital TV System
                   Software - Customization Options                       Hardware - Customization Options

  - Playlist with multiformat video, SDI and NDI outputs
  - Ingest in Multiformat Video / Live Video In
  - Ingest and Play of files with Closed Caption.
  - Closed Caption text input in real time.
  - Character generator. 04 Graphics & 06 Text Layers.
  - Time Delay operation integrated in the system
  - Switching Live In Video> Output
  - In / Out GPI Commands
  - Proof of Display Report.
  - Streaming WebRTC for Internet
  - Play Operation on 02 SDI HD / SD channels
  - Play and Ingest / Live operation on 02 SDI Channels.

MXF D-10
MPEG Program Stream
MPEG Transport Stream
MP4 (MPEG-4 Part 14)
MOV (QuickTime)
MOV (Apple ProRes 422)
DV (Digital Video)
FLV (Flash Video)
DVD Video (VOB-Files)
iPod MP4
RTMP Streaming
UDP Streaming
RTSP Streaming
MP3 , AC3 , AAC .WAV
DigiSpot DVB Encoder encodes SDI HD / SD signals to DVB
Outputs streaming UDP protocol in IP Multicasting
DVB in MPEG-2 format Transport Stream with Constant BitRate (CBR)
Optionally can be integrated with the DigiSpot OnAir DTS
Use in signal generation for Cable TV and Satellite HeadEnd
Unique in our market with these characteristics
                  Graphics Overlay                                                                               VU Meter
Capture & Live Closed Caption Insert

   - 2U Lenovo High Performance Video Server:
    ¤ Intel Xeon Family 2600V processor.
    ¤ Win 7/10 - Hard Disk SAS / SSD.
    ¤ Redundant power supply (optional)

  - 3U Victor High Performance Video Server:
    ¤ Intel Core I5 / I7 Processor
    ¤ Win 7/10 - Hard Disk SATA.
  - Common
    ¤ DeckLink video card
    ¤ 01/02 SDI HD/SD channels
    ¤ 16/08 GB of RAM.
    ¤ 04 TB content storage.
    ¤ Analog In/Out with converters (optional).
    ¤ Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor (optional).