Media Video Server Automation Software
   - The EVA Automation Media Server Software delivers great flexibility & reliability for  broadcast  operations  and  multi-channel
      automation and multi-platform commercial video servers.
   - Controls video servers with V​DCP  and AMP  compatible  protocols  including   Victor Andromeda and Grass Valley  K2 Summit .
   - All modules communicates directly with the servers control  services, VTRs,  Switchers and GPI's while  performing  their tasks.
   - The Eva Automation system is designed to operate in redundancy with local or remote playlists and ingest. Mirroring resource.
   - Time Delay resource. Multichannel operation. Multilanguage resource. Multi-Channel playlists.  Network connection.  Reports.
   - Commercial Operations integration. Remote video edition & playlist . Hardware configuration. Master Control Commands, etc.

It consists of the Eva Automation Main module, and modules:- Playlist (DigiPlaylist), Capture (DigiCapture), Opec (DigiOpec), Maintenance (DigiManut), Maintenance Remote (DigiManut Remote) and TimeDelay (DigiDelay). Each of these modules are separate application which facilitates news implementations and maintenance.
All modules communicates directly with servers control services, VTRs, Switchers and GPI´s during execution of their tasks.
The Eva Automation system can be configured to operate in redundancy. We can have redundancy of playlists operation and / or redundancy of means.
Media redundancy can also be performed by proprietary applications of the video server manufacturer, such as the K2 GrassVally Isync.
Grass Valley Eva Automation Press Release
SNT Network - Eva Automation with Grass Valley K2 operation
The SNT Network Station in Paraguay was the first Latin America TV Broadcast Station to implement the Victor Eva Automation System to control it´s Grass Valley K2 Summit Vídeo Servers with redundancy and mirroring, Program schedulling, News & Promos & & Commercial Operations (OPEC) integration with the OnAir video servers.
Eva Automation Main Menu Module
The EvaAutomation.exe application loads the main module that is responsible for managing the other modules and initializing the management services of the video servers, VTs, switcher and GPIs. It allows to access to the menus for the various configurations of the system such as data redundancy and spots, auxiliary registers like categories, modalities, users, etc. All system setups are performed in the setup menu.
The media and data redundancy are configured through its respective menu.

Playlist module performs all spot playout control operations. Several of these modules can be configured to control one or more playout channels of the video servers configured in the system. Resources of remote offline playlist mode for later upload to one or more playlist modules. With this resource you can access the spots register remotely or locally.

Ingest                                                                     Edition

 Ingest module live captures vídeo through the SDI HD/SD inputs  including resource to remote control a VTR connected to the system.
 Edition module is a framed resource to trim video spot files between  MarkIn and MarkOut pre setted points, removing undesired frames.
Andromeda Victor Configuration
 Configuration module for the Andromeda Victor Video Server . Andromeda is a Matrox video card based server and in this module all it´s  paramters are fitted to client needs. Some of these parameters are input/output video resolution, aspect ratio, audio channels, timing, genlock  adjustment, card model, etc.
K2 Summit Grass Valley
Configuration Module for the K2 Summit Grass Valley Video Server. All the parameters needed for the Eva Automation control the K2 server are here configured like number of channels, play/rec modes, Vtr´s , Master/Routing Switchers, Gpi , video files drives, etc.
Remote Playlist Commercial Operation
 Commercial Remote Playlist module works on a remote machine located on the sales department . This machine has a network connection  with a selectede server on the net , access of it´s video data files and has the resource to generate, add and edit playlist of any date off the air.
Exhibition Report
Eva Automation Exhibition Proof module generate reports of all categorized played commercial, promos, institucional.
Reports can be generated by dates, codes, spots description, internal order, client, etc.
K2 Summit Operation
K2 Summit Operation playlist operation being controled by the EVA Automation software in the network environment
K2 Summit Time Delay
K2 Summit Time Delay module of the EVA Automation software tha has the resource of in real time record live video files and simultaneously play these recorded files at any delayd time. Andromeda Vídeo Server has this same resource when controled by EVA Automation.


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