Victorsys Broadcasting Products
Video Servers
Video Exhibition
Master Control & SDI Monitoring
Closed Caption & DVB Encoders
Radio Automation
Developer Tools
Routing Switcher
SDI Didtribution
Video Exhibition
Digital TV System for broadcast operations with exclusive features on the system like PlayList, Ingest, Character Generator, Closed Caption Ingest & Play, Live CC Encoder, Live Video Switching, etc.
DigiSpot DTS
News Network Journalistic Player for Digital TV. Playlist of spots located on any network folder. Journalism operation fast and efficient. Infinity categories creation.No waste time for registrations.
DigiSpot OnAir is a cost effective 02 channels Playout and Ingest software w/out a hardware solution for BlackMagic DeckLink Cards.
  Resources are provided to Record/Play professional file formats.
DigiSpot OnAir
 Character generation, graphics, text, time and temperature in real time, with independent settings position, fonts, outline,
 background, outline, color, etc. Configurable city temperature.